34th Games ..

A 34th Inf game held at Fireball Squadron, Birmingham
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Fought at the Battle of Agincourt
Fought at the Battle of Agincourt
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34th Games ..

Postby cjw957 » Tue Sep 20, 2016 3:55 pm

what to expect from a 34th game..

First off expect the unexpected, apart from a little part at the end and at the start nothing is timed or scripted

Expect it all to be about squad play, want to loan wolf or go charging off with a m8, then you can stop reading now its not for you, but if you want to work with a group of people as a squad, follow your orders to accomplish missions then carry on reading, the games are built about squads and keeping squads together to accomplish or fail missions

this is down to our mission system, once you have completed your given mission in the morning (normally just a get you going mission) you return to your HQ for new orders - now where we differ is your zug/squad can choose what order you want to - tend to have around 11-13 to choose from during the day - there are different missions types from Patrols , Ambushs, Gather Intel (often with trying to avoid any enemy contact) , search and destroy , supply runs, rescue , medical, booby traps etc

We like this for a lot of reasons - one you will never know what the enemy is up to, which keeps you on your toes at all times (most of the time you want know where friendly units are and what there orders are) , its not always about killing the enemy you see , as said before some require or get bonus for not enganging any enemy, also you have to take into account will it affect the success of your mission or risk it. You get to choose the misson that reflects the mood of your squad, fancy a patrol go for it , fancy hunting the enemy go for it , fancy sneaking around gathering intel then go for it (just very stealthy) fancy raiding the enemy of there supplies (harbio stash) go for it lol we try to offer a varied selection.

With this in mind will it be shooty ? who knows its pretty random, the last two 80s Grenada games i have shot less than 150 rounds, and the last pacific game maybe 200 , though some times you just seem to bump into the enemy all the time and can be more shooty, though again often these will short firefights as 1 squad may pull out due to the mission they are tasked with.

We tend to have a always finish the day with a bit of a bigger scrap at the end, where one side will slowly push to overwhelm the last defenders.. (this part is quite shooty lol)

Expect to walk and move about lots - we try not keep squads stationary to much

Expect to eat in the game once we start we dont break for lunch, each side will have a covered area to leave kit and have a down time between missions , they can cant be attacked but may be observed by the enemy.

Expect to have a good time if you can buy into the game and stay as a squad :)

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