Opening scene.

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Fought at Waterloo
Fought at Waterloo
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Opening scene.

Postby Gunman » Wed May 16, 2018 2:00 pm

So peeps, we are looking at having a very quit and relaxed start to the game with a set piece. Civilians walking the streets and going about their business and German officers sitting in a coffee shop whilst soldats patrol the streets, gaud things or kick a ball about in the barracks......THEN IT WILL ALL GO TO HELL!!!!

Set dressing is everything and we have an insane site to play on so lets set dress it to the 9s. Music and atmospherics along with awesome role-play and shenanigans with be our platform to kick off from.

Anyone got a motorbike or two they want to bring along??

SOE will be stationed in a hidden harbour area, trying to make contact with the resistance leader to coordinate mission objects. All your weapons must be wrapped in grease proof paper and hidden (plastic bags if you wish) in the many stash crates and hidden holes dotted all over the site.

Germans must try to keep the peace with extreme violence against anyone they capture. Detaining resistance for x amount time will help get you closer to the identity of the resistance leader. Also the German Commander doesn't want his superiors to think he's lost control of the town so must do everything to subvert this including hi value visits from command.

A full game brief will be handed out on the day but Ill keep posting bits on here to keep you all fruity and ready for an awesome day of silly buggers with toy guns :kiss:
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