Updated 2019 rules

To be held at Fireball Squadron Airsoft Club
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Updated 2019 rules

Postby cjw957 » Fri Jan 11, 2019 11:44 am

Bookings are none refundable, if you can't make it then you may sell to an eligible player on the waiting list

If you can't make it let us know asap

rule 1 always applies - DONT BE A COCK

rule 2 Use common sense

if you stick to those rules, everything else should be no problem

This is a squad based game with squad-based missions

Anyone not following orders / lone wolfing will be asked to leave and banned

Just because you can see the enemy does not mean you go running after the enemy or trying to shoot the enemy, it will be reflected in your mission needs and if you want to complete it.

Face masks though we prefer players without face masks it is your face, but discreet ones, please.

Helmet / Gun cameras etc, though we have nothing against folks getting a camera out and filming a little of the game by hand or taking odd photos but we don't want any helmet/gun cameras fixed this is a big no-no.

Head Gear (Helmets, Boonies or Caps) must be worn, when alive and can be taken off when dead.

Every player will have 2 bandages (please bring if you have )

Lunch - there will be no break it will be eaten at your HQ when your unit can come off the front line, squads will rotate breaks so there is always troops on the front line

Each side will have an HQ which can leave kit, lunch etc

Each squad will have a mobile CP point bag - that may be deployed on the ground and flag deployed to show the Cp is active. Once the Cp is active players may reload and remove bandages. If it is under fire you may NOT regen there but can still reload.
Once deployed the Cp must be left in play for a Minimum of 10 Minutes.
To pack up a Cp place the flag back into the bag and pick up the bag. If you come across an Enemy Cp point you can destroy it by putting back the flag inside. This can no longer be used as a mobile Cp again until it has been taken back to an HQ

Getting Shot
When shot, a loud call of Agrrr should be made and the player is considered out of the game.
When hit the player must place a hand in the air to show they are no longer live. but better is to lie dead
feel free to try to react to location hits for effect.

Immediately fall to the ground and call for a Medic, If no one gets to you or all your bandages have been used you are dead.
A shot player shouldn't be targeted and cannot return fire until healed UNLESS they try to crawl to safety. If you are shot whilst crawling you are KIA and must lay dead for 2 minutes before you move to a cp or hq to regen . There is no limit to how far you can crawl, however; you will bleed out in 5mins!

Moving wounded. One man with two hands or two men with one hand each can drag a wounded soldier to safety!
Any soldier can return to their HQ or a controlled CP and be fully restored to full hits (all bandages can be taken off)

Dead players do not TALK. The exception to use the call DEAD MAN WALKING or LINE OF FIRE etc

If things are a bit hairy or you're on your own in the middle of nowhere you make take an immediate KIA! Just put your hand in the air and call ˜DEAD MAN WALKING Otherwise you must stay on the ground for at least 2mins. There is NO limit to how long you stay dead in the field.

Getting back in the action
If a live teammate can get to you they must tie one of your bandages to your WRIST to make you live again. To move a wounded player, place your hand on their shoulder.

All bandaging must be stationary and if either player is hit during the Medic or during the move, both must players are dead and after 2 minutes you may head back to a CP or HQ

Bandages must not be Pre-tied so they just slip on, see rule 1

No firing or any other actions while bandaging.

A hit is anywhere on the body, if you think you've been hit, take it.

Gun or Equipment Hits are hits if you are carrying it, just die as if it hit your body

Medic rule - each squad can have 1 medic, who will be issued a medic bag containing morphine sachets (yes ok they are sugar really) the medic may approach a wounded player with a bandage and apply a morphine sachet over the wound , ie sprinkle the sachet of sugar over the area and then count at a steady rate to 10, if they complete a 10 count then the medic may remove a bandage from the wounded player.

If at any point during this either are hit, they are they are both hit and wounded or KIA.

This medic action can only be done if the medic has a morphine sachet spare, hence he does not start the 10 counts till he has used 1 - Medics will start with a limited amount, but there may be a squad mission to gain more.

If the medic wanted to remove 2 bandages he must do the action twice.

A medic may do this action on himself with an ally helping and counting to 10, but again if either is hit during this action both are wounded or KIA

Explosive Pyro Effects
You can NOT run from grenades!

Small structures 5m x5m Whole building is cleared inside only
Large buildings 5m hardcover have effect including floor to floor stairwells and corridors.
5m away hardcover has an effect outside only

If hit by a pyro you are wounded or if out of bandages then KIA

Only Airsoft branded pyros are allowed - no homemade pyro / booby traps etc, no remote dets unless given in game as part of a mission

NO reloading in the field (must be a CP or HQ).

Load Outs
Each style of soldier has its own loadout; the load outs are defined below. If you were given a ranked or special role you will be considered a soldier in the field! grenades refer to explosive (ie mk5s etc )

1. Combat Soldier - Loadout
can use a SMG gun/assault rifle/rifle 360fps
can carry 300rds per life including any pistol mags
can carry 3 grenades per life

2. Grenadier/Engineer- loadout (1 per squad max)
can use a SMG gun/assault rifle/ rifle 360fps
can carry 300rds per life including any pistol mags
Can carry 6 grenades per life

1. Medic - Loadout (1 per squad)
can use a SMG gun/assault rifle/rifle 360fps
can carry 300rds per life including any pistol mags
can carry 2 grenades per life
gets given a medic bag

Uniforms restrictions
we ask all participants to make as much effort as possible for these games (no modern kit!) All uniforms must be period in look see the weapons and uniform section for full info

Weapons restrictions
All weapons must be period in look see the weapons and uniform section for full info - No support weapons unless given in game No HPA guns

All weapons must be period Airsoft weapons;
HIGH CAP MAGS - non-MG/support
everyone is asked to make sure they only run mid caps if possible; however, some rifles aren't released with the option. In which case, high caps are allowed just be wary of the ammo limits.

A quick recap on a few Nos!
No Helmet/Gun Cameras
No Silly Masks
No Support weapons unless told so for a mission
No real or sharp stabby knives etc
No HPA guns
No Homemade pyros - branded only
No lone wolfing
and of course No being a cock

A quick recap on some yes's
Yes to following orders
Yes to staying as and operating as a squad
Yes to having fun
Yes to eating out in the field
Yes to having a base for the kit

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