The site and game plan

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The site and game plan

Postby ablindedsoilder » Tue Mar 26, 2019 9:51 pm

Allsorts airsoft southdowns woodland site will be the location for this event located near Petworth West Sussex. The postcode is gu28 olr. The site consists of various types of woodland from pine plantation to open grassland with a reasonable close quarters village. Spread over approximately 95 acres with steep hills and valleys as well as a covered safe area with male and female loos.
This will be a weekender event running games on Saturday and Sunday with a evening to night game on Saturday night. The Saturday will be run as a scripted game day with set objectives for individual squads. The Sunday will be a more free roaming game with each nation have a selection of sealed written orders to try and complete.
Camping is very much encouraged on both Friday and Saturday night and we hope to organise a big social sit down meal with a few beverages. The nearest hotel is the white horse pub it's 4 minutes down the road and owned by the same landlord we rent the site from.
Basic Timings
morning site prep from about 1000
1200 open gates allow campers in.
Personal food and drinking on this evening
0930 briefing 1015 deploy to game 1030 game start.
1300 lunch in field 45 minutes
1600 return to safe zone for dinner set meals for allies and Germans.
1900 briefing for nightgame
1915 night game start 2300 night game end
0930 briefing 1015 deploy to game 1030 game start
1300 lunch in the field 45 minutes
1600 end of event.

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