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Rules prices weapons and units

Postby ablindedsoilder » Wed Mar 27, 2019 7:55 am

The price will be £60 for the weekend or £35 for a single day but single day places will be limited to keep teams balanced and must be arranged via private message before booking.
Full face protection is recommended as per normal try and pick plain style face masks.
Any Ww2 weapon is acceptable or one of the lookalike weapons I.E scrimed m14 as a garand and such. Power limits will be in joules on the weight ammo to be used in the weapon during game limits being
Any weapon capable of full auto or to be used with no minimum engagement distance is 1.14j
Dmr is 1.64j with a 30m med and no trigger spamming.
Snipers 2.32j with a 30m med.
For the evening game and any play in the cqb village only 1.14j weapons will be allowed so make sure to bring those pistols and larp weapons. Larp bayonets may be mounted for cool factor and looks but not used whilst on a rifle and all Larp weapons should be checked with marshals before use.
No real blades out in play.

units and uniforms .
Any Ww2 period unit can be portrayed. Bar Japanese as this is a European game setting and its a bit far fetched. We would also like a small number of German technical staff and scientists in lab coats to add a bit of depth to the story line.
German the force comprises of rag tag mix of the absolute elite of all German service branches as well as several civilian works and volksstrum forced into service. Personnel from the luftwaffe and kreigsmarine stationed in the area to work on the super weapon development as well as the standard heer infantry tasked with defending the installation are being reinforced by platoons of fallschirmjager and waffen ss.
Allied western troops are a hastily put together convoy of available troops. Ranging from the average Tommy to eliments of both American and British airborne units.
The Russian force is a small unit of guards infantry with a few experts from the naval landing section of the navy over seen by the nkvd.
Remember the more effort everyone puts into a well researched load out the better the event will be.

ammo limits
Bolt action rifles 200 rounds per life.
Smgs and auto rifles. 400 rounds per life.
Lmgs 2500 rounds per life.
Morters grenades and pyro in general will be unlimited apart from in the cqb slums area where smokes are not allowed for health and safety reasons. All bangs have a 5m kill circle. Pyro limited to mk5s 9mm blanks or shotgun primers.
game play rules
Standard airsoft hit rules apply any bb hitting you or your kit is counted as a wound. Bbs hitting just your rifle can be called as a weapon hit and you may continue with a side arm but not use your primary till you have been to a respawn. Ricochets don't count if you are 100% sure but if in doubt call it out. On your first hit you should act out a dramatic wounding and await a medic preferably on the floor screaming for a medic in your sides language. If no team mates can get to you, you can bleed out at any point and return to respawn. Any team member can medic you with a bandage that you should be carrying. If you can provide your own bandage that would be great but we will have a few to loan out for those in need. On your second hit you should return to your respawn point. Dead and wounded players can't talk bar yelling medic or scream out in pain.

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