Red Army Hand Signals

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Red Army Hand Signals

Postby Sasha » Thu Sep 25, 2008 9:37 pm

...apart from the obvious. :wink:

1. Attention! - Raise one arm overhead
2. I understand - Raise both arms overhead and let drop
3. Repeat (I didn't understand) - Both arms extended overhead and repeatedly crossed in front of the face
4. To me! (Assemble) - One arm extended up, circled overhead and thrust energetically down
5. Deploy! (form skirmish line) - Both arms extended sideways several times
6. Stop! (lie down, cease fire) - One arm held high (stop, prepare) and thrust downwards to execute 'lie down' or 'cease fire'
7. Forward March! (move out in a new direction) - One arm held overhead, the other energetically swung and thrust in the new direction
8. Fire! - Both arms held shoulder high and extended [doesn't say which direction]
9. Bring up ammunition! - Arm extended over the head and swung to both sides
10. To the right, to the left, to the rear in a desired direction - One arm extended over the head and repeatedly dropped to shoulder height in the desired direction
11. Enemy in sight! - Arms extended sideways and held there until the I understand signal is given
12. All clear! - Arms held sideways shoulder high and dropped repeatedly
13. Gas! (moving into contaminated terrain) - Helmet (or cap) held overhead

a) Signals can be given with a spade or other small object
b) The commander (or leader) must determine before the operation special signals for each section (platoon). For example: Shovel with the blade held up = first section (platoon; Shovel with the blade held down = second section (platoon); Shovel with the blade to the left = third section (platoon); Shovel with the blade to the right = fourth section (platoon)
c) After receiving any of these signals you must reply with Signal No. 2.

Re: Red Army Hand Signals

Postby HorseSoldier176 » Wed Oct 13, 2010 6:15 pm

Thank you for posting this!


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