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OTK 87

Postby BootedFeet » Fri Nov 27, 2015 9:03 pm

Found this fellow on Etsy earlier in the year and have bought from him a couple of times without problem


Does a lot of early war and oddball stuff and he's based right here in Hampshire UK. In particular I got an early model Gasmask bag, something I've been desperately trying to get hold of, for just £15, compared to £25 from hiki (plus shipping). Also picked up a shovel carrier, some other bits of fieldgear and I've been really pleased with the quality, materials and stitching all seem good, prices are reasonable and he even took the trouble to refund excess postage on my last order.

Only downside is that as a cottage industry type operation things are only added to his shop in small quantities as they're produced, although it does say on his about page he's willing to produce extra if you ask. Well worth a look if you're putting together a Red Army kit. :good:
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