Suitable Weapons list for CiA events

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Fought at the Battle of Hastings
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Suitable Weapons list for CiA events

Postby Old Un » Tue Feb 27, 2007 2:58 pm

Naturally in WW2 games we prefer players to use period weapons. However, we recognise that new players may have yet to make a purchase and that players may be using back up guns. We therefore have a 'looks-like' rule that makes some concessions...

Suitable Weapons for use at 'The Eagle Has Landed' as 'looks-like'

Approved 'looks-like' weapon list.

MP5 = MP40 or Sten auto
M14 = Garand/G43 semi-auto
M14 / bipod must be used deployed = BAR auto
AK47 & AK74 with full stock = MP44 auto
AK47 & AK74 folding stock = MP40 auto
Any bolt action sniper without scope = K98/M1/Enfield single
Any bolt action sniper with scope = K98/Springfield/Enfield single
M249 or M60 must be used deployed = MG34/43, Bren or M1919 30cal (suitably converted with a card tube barrel cooler/cover then its a Vickers) auto

Any pistol with standard magazines.

Absolutely not permitted are vision aids of any kind (ACOG, red-dot, scopes etc) unless you are using a designated sniper rifle in which case a scope is fine.
Silencers (unless MP5 = Sten)
Any other furniture must be removed from RIS rails (tac lights, lasers etc) and other modern gubbins such as mag clamps.

We ask that modern weapons are scrimmed where possible to disguise their origin.

Players assuming a support weapon role will be required to deploy before firing - bipods erected where fitted and be prone or have gun supported on wall/sandbag etc

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