Operation Varsity Booking List & Information Thread

PBI Event - to be held at First & Only
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Operation Varsity Booking List & Information Thread

Postby Yith » Wed Nov 07, 2007 1:04 pm

This is the official booking thread for Frontline : Operation Varsity on 30th March 2008 at First and Only Airsoft, Matlock, Derbyshire.

For more information on this event please see this thread: viewtopic.php?t=2349

In order to book in a place at this event we will require a £5 deposit. This must be made at the time of booking. Places may be reserved awaiting payment at our discretion, but we'd prefer not to do this.

Payments can be sent to me at my Paypal address yith@yith.co.uk or you can send me cash/cheque . PM me for my postal address. Deposits are non-refundable.

The final cost of the event will be £25. The £5 deposit goes towards this total, so you'll have just £20 to pay on the day.

Please do not send us the full payment now. We only want the deposit.

Please give the following details with your booking:

- full name
- forum id
- a valid email address or telephone number
- which nation and unit you will be portraying
- what guns you intend to use

There has been no upper limit on numbers for this game set by the site, however we will be controlling bookings in order to try and keep sides equal.

Normal CIA uniform and weapon restrictions will be used for this event. However note that we will not be allowing Flecktarn or any other modern camo at this event. Also note the restrictions on uniform based on the side portrayed.



P.S. When booking please look at the number of players on each side and consider how you can help even them up. We can't force people to choose a particular side but may end up closing bookings for a side if the game looks uneven. This could result in lower numbers and a game that isn't as good as we could hope for!

British Airlanding - any WW2 British Airlanding uniform. This means a you should be wearing a Denison smock (Belgian or WW2) and maroon beret or airborne helmet at a minimum.
1. Peter Grice (Pete_59) [No.4, Sten, Bren, M10] -
2. Andy Kneale (Steiner) [MP40, K98, M14] -
3. John Grieve (Ramsay00105) [No4]-
4. Wayne Boltwood (Bodgeups) [Thompson, MP40, M14 Garand Conversion]
5. Neil MacLannan (Tyler-D) [MP40, Kar98, M1 Carbine]
6. Mark Durston (GUNBUNNY) [Thompson]
7. Syd Barwick (Gliderrider) [Thompson]
8. Barrie Quin (Barrie & Anne) [No4] -
9. Anne Quin [No4] -
10. Matt Webb [M1928 Thompson/Garand] -
11. Ed Davidson [Thompson] -
12. Andy T-
13. Jez -
14. Ranj (CHThree) -
15. Chris White (Guzzi Hero)
16. James Pratt (Orky) -
17. paul hadfield (dayglowfroggy)
18. Martin Sole (BedsnHerts)

German Heer - any German Heer uniform. Ideally this means you should wear Feldgrau, but if you don't have that then any German uniform will do.

1. Gavin Crompton (Peppered) [MG36 as MG34]
2. Steve Davies (Steve.D) [bolt action & mp40]
3. Dave Barratt
4. Cliff Archer
5. Gary Barton
6. Che
7. Helga
8. Carl Sanderson
9. Dave Hunt
10. Michael Kavanagh (Kavster) [K98]
11. Neil Boshier (Boshman) {WH Panzergrenadier (All Feldgrau)} [Kar98k, MP40]
12. Paul Groves (Guldan) {Heer Assault Pioneer} [MP40]
13. Bob Kynaston (Bobby K) {Heer} [MP40]
14. JD7
15. Lardassmonkey
16. Mick Bensted (Mick) {Heer}
17. Richard Searle (Big Viking) {Heer}
18. Ian Post (Battleaxe) {Heer} [MP40.P38]
19. Vaughan Noble (Sergente Maggiore) {Heer} [MP40.K98,pistol]
20. Alex Perry {FJ}
Note that this thread is locked as it is for information purposes only. Please use the other threads on this forum for discussions.
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