ww2 game in sweden april 16 2016

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ww2 game in sweden april 16 2016

Postby greveafhelvete » Sat Jan 02, 2016 11:41 am


April 16, 1945 soviet forces approaching Berlin. Third Reich's last strong line goes over Seelow heights, it becomes entrenched. Both sides suffer heavy losses. Soviets end goal is to break the German line, then is the way to Berlin open. The fighting is in progress for 4 days and is one of the deadliest types of war.

DATE: April 16 - April 17, 2016. 2 DAYS!
PRICE: 100 kr =10£

Roles allies: soviet soldiers or partisans
Roller Axis Powers: SS WH FJ


MP40: And like: Loaded with half-full magazine and you get only six loaded magazines. (50bbs)

StG44: Loaded with half-full magazine and one may only carry two loaded magazines. Only four bulkheads burst. Do you have a mid-cap, the same as MP40.

MG42: Loaded with full magazine and will have additional 1000 rounds in reserve. Maximum 10 bulkheads burst.
Mg must have a charger, the charger gets to shoot, but then lock Mg42an firing.
Charger is not needed at fixed position that is a refuge built for MG.

Ppsh41: Loaded with full magazine and you can only carry three loaded magazines. Do you stick magazine, the same as MP40.

Kar98: And Mosin Nagant has no limitations.

Guns: Has no Restrictions.

PAK36: Will be fired as long as grenades to exist. If you stand in the firing length, you take the hit to keep in the role play.

Artillery: During the artillery attack command points out those who sought shelter in time or looking for bad protection that hit.

Safety distance
104m / s = 0 meters
110m / s = 5 meters
120m / s = 10 meters
130m / s = 15 meters
With 00:20 bullets

Hit means that you get hurt, unless you get hit in the chest and head when you're dead.

Each player will be provided with 1 bandage that you apply on the wounded comrade (you can not bandage yourself). You will be fully extended if no one helps you.
Wounded soldier who is bad to can only be moved with lifting / dragging of the two healthy soldiers or stretcher. No holding hands and running.

When you have bandaged you have limited mobility, for example. bandaged the leg so you can not run like Usain Bolt, the shoulder does not aim to people and get to shoot from the hip. You get the hint.

Do not you want your bandages left, you take it at spawnplatsen and respawned as usual.

Respawn in groups at least 5 one after 5 minutes or quota is filled.

Think of the role play, take a hit too much than too little. And absolutely no Lebanon's Ingar. Slide the ones you see, to respect the safety distance.

Amending and updating may apply.

https://www.facebook.com/events/1639894 ... 475868582/

why we advertise in other countries? we want to have as many players as we can get.


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