Cyma M1928 Tommy gun

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Cyma M1928 Tommy gun

Postby you can`t shoot me » Tue Jan 28, 2020 12:21 pm

Cyma M1928 Tommy gun

Has been in storage for several years, Fired a full drum mag through it and it seem to be working fine firing around 330 fps.
Some wear and marks on the stock and body from use. Small piece missing from the inside of the stock plate as seen in
the picture which attaches to the small piece at the side of the stock in the picture but doesn`t seem to affect the function.




£100 for the Rifle, Drum mag and mag pouch including postage and paypal fees or £80 if anyone from northern ireland (bushmills area) is interested in buying in person.
Will sell the mag pouch separate for £10 including postage and payapel fees

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