Spanish Civil War Airsoft - coming next year.

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Spanish Civil War Airsoft - coming next year.

Postby EvilMonkee » Wed May 16, 2018 9:13 am

Ladies and Gents,

Apologies in advance as its strictly not WW2 (though it could be argued that it is...) off the back of a discussion on FB I have setup a SCW Airsoft group on FB with the aim of running a game at some point in the next year. I have already invited several of you to the group but if there is anyone else who is interested please search on FB for the imaginatively titled 'Spanish Civil War Airsoft' group.

Aim is for a rifles only game, with squad support weapons. The good news is a LOT of WW2 gear and guns can be re purposed. We will be putting up kit guides on the FB page shortly and when we have done so will link them over here as well.

As an example, the classic French Resistance loadout of beret and normal work clothes with an armband works perfectly fine as a Republican member of the International Brigades, just swap out the FFI armband for a red armband or neckerchief. Any kind of bolt action rifle (the amount of rifles used was staggering, even Arisakas!) and leather webbing (Japanese webbing repro is very very similar to SCW era webbing).

For Nationalists, olive trousers, shirt and sidecap brown webbing and again any kind of bolt action rifle. Even though the Condor Legion didnt fight as infantry we will also be allowing people to use german stahlhelms and webbing. Think Afrika Korps-lite with tan shirts.

Anyway enough wittering away from me.



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