The Boryszyn Loop

boryszyn loop
Event date: Sunday 24th January 2010
Location: First & Only Airsoft Drakelow Tunnels near Kidderminster, Worcestershire


Set in Poland on 30th January 1945 the Red Army, in its run for Berlin, hits the defensive Międzyrzecz Fortified Region. The ensconced German troops, locked away in a command centre deep in the rocks, have the upper hand. Guarding a secret aeroplane engine factory, as well as tons of supplies and priceless artefacts, is going to be a tough job. Sure they have stocks of ammunition to do the job and they are mobile and mechanised but the stakes are high – if The Boryszyn Loop is breached there is nothing much between here and Berlin.

Our “Boryszyn Loop” event sees the an advance party of scouts and engineers from the Red Army’s 11 Guards Armoured Corps led by Colonel Sobolew stumble on a entrance cut into the hillside and are tasked with investigating what lies behind the steel doors…

The German troops within, hastily brought forward to defend the route to Berlin and commanded by SS Obergrupenführer Krüger, comprises V SS Mountain Corps, 86 Fortress Machine Gun Battalion, 103 Permanent Fortress Infantry Battalion, 433, 463 and 192 Depot Infantry Divisions of the Wermacht, as well as some 9 Army and Volkssturm battalions. There is much work to be done – not only securing the archives and art treasures but also ensuring the security of the engine assembly halls. The communications centre is vital to retain coordination of adjoining complexes up and down the line.

Should this defence be breached it is ‘next stop Berlin’ for the Red Army…


Set in F&O’s unique and vast tunnel complex near Kidderminster this was an event to remember. Not least for being CiA’s first attempt at creating a full blown Red Army. A new challenge for those that portray Germans – the enemy is attacking from the East not the West! We know we had disciplined and crack German troops but how would the Russians shape up? Would they need that Maxim pointing at their backs when they bottle out from penetrating the gloomy tunnels?


Probably the most intense game yet! Brilliant. N.B.

boryszyn loop

Another top-notch game. Thanks to all the CiA game organisers for raising the bar further still. M.S.