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Operation Calore River

Operation Calore River – 11 January 2015

After the fall of Avellino the 133rd Infantry moved along the Calore River heading towards Benevento. They are frozen and soaked to the bone from the wind and the rain but the orders are to press on, but its not long before the...
by admin


German: Gebirgsjäger

History Under the Treaty of Versailles Germany had been allowed only one battalion of mountain troops or “Gebirgsjäger” plus some ancillary mountain companies, however in Austria nearly half the standing army were mountain...
by prideofengland


Sevastopol aka Crimea River

Since its conception in 2009, Army Group South has always strived to create WW2 airsoft games that are as authentic and immersive as possible. As players, we had attended events by Comrades in Arms, Gunman and PBI, who all demo...
by BedsnHerts



WW2 Airsoft, an introduction

The concept of reasonably authentic WW2 airsoft games was born in the summer of 2006. While there had been some WW2 events organised they were few and far between and they were really best described as “WW2 themed” ...
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Shoot ‘n’ Scoot new show room open

Shoot 'n' Scoot have just opened their new shop/showroom 20 miles up the A9 north of Perth. Opening times are 10am until 5pm from Wednesday 28th December to Saturday 31st of December for the Grand Opening, after that it will be...
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Lee Enfield No. 4 from KTW

KTW Co Ltd announce their bolt action No. 4 at a rather eye-watering £1075 (¥134,400). Specifications: Length: 1130mm Weight: 3.2kg Number of rounds: 13 Power: Air Cocking bolt (assumed to mean spring powered ra...
by admin



Weathering and finishing guide

Hello and welcome to this guide, which should help you to ‘weather’ your guns, making them look less factory-fresh and more used in the field. First off, I’ll cover simpler ways to weather your gun, before moving onto fin...
by Komrade


Zeta Lab Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle with PU scope

Zeta Lab (Ares) Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle with PU 91/30 scope now shipping
by admin


Zeta Lab gas bolt for Mosin Nagant shown

jimmiroquai on the WW2 Airsoft forum reports Zeta-Lab videos of the replacement gas charge bolt for their Mosin Nagant, running at sub-500fps.
by admin