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German: Gebirgsjäger

History Under the Treaty of Versailles Germany had been allowed only one battalion of mountain troops or “Gebirgsjäger” plus some ancillary mountain companies, however in Austria nearly half the standing army were mountain...
by prideofengland


Sevastopol aka Crimea River

Since its conception in 2009, Army Group South has always strived to create WW2 airsoft games that are as authentic and immersive as possible. As players, we had attended events by Comrades in Arms, Gunman and PBI, who all demo...
by BedsnHerts

Operation Calore River

Operation Calore River – 11 January 2015

After the fall of Avellino the 133rd Infantry moved along the Calore River heading towards Benevento. They are frozen and soaked to the bone from the wind and the rain but the orders are to press on, but its not long before the...
by admin



Zeta Lab gas bolt for Mosin Nagant shown

jimmiroquai on the WW2 Airsoft forum reports Zeta-Lab videos of the replacement gas charge bolt for their Mosin Nagant, running at sub-500fps.
by admin


British: 52nd Lowland Division – Winter ’44

Basis of impression The 52nd Lowland Division was primarily a Scots based formation trained for mountain and arctic warfare. The division were one of the first to receive the new windproof combat suits and other specialist moun...
by admin


German Helmets

Nothing says “Deutsche Soldat” quite like a good ol’ Stahlhelm. They keep the rain off, they stop you banging your noggin on tree branches and they make a good “ping” sound when a bb hits them. Helmets are expensive. ...
by BedsnHerts



US: 101st Airborne

“The Screaming Eagles” – Basis of impression Pictured is an impression of a Autumn/Winter “Operation Market Garden/Bastogne” era 101st Airborne Junior NCO with an M1a1 Thompson. 101st Airborne were involve...
by admin

Russian RKKA summer uniform


Basis of impression Here we have a platoon level sniper of the Red Army equipped for the early to mid part of the great patriotic war. There were two such snipers forming part of each infantry platoon of the Red army given it a...
by Lardassmonkey

Dboys K98 Gas Bolt Take Down Guide

Dboys K98 Gas Bolt Take Down Guide

I thought I would put together a K98 Gas bolt take down guide as mine was venting gas out of the safety lever area and there wasn’t a picture guide anywhere on the internet to show the internals. First remove the bolt fro...
by rammix