USSR basic winter uniform

Basis of impression

A cheap way to build a basic Soviet infantry impression is to use post war items appropriate for the ww2 period. Many ww2 items remained almost unchanged postwar and continued to be used throughout the cold war period. This means much of it can still be found relatively cheaply and is still perfectly acceptable for an accurate Soviet impression.


• Pilotka with star badge* (Ebay, Schuster – £5-10)
• Brown Ushanka (fur hat) with star badge. Postwar Bulgarian models are ideal. (Ebay, Shop Bulgaria – £10-20)


• Postwar M41 Shinel greatcoat with all insignia removed. (Ebay – £30-40)
• Postwar M43 Sharovari breeches. (Ebay, Schuster – £15-20)
• Postwar M69 breeches. (Ebay – £10-15)


• Postwar Sapogi riding boots. (Schuster – £20-30)
• East German jackboots. (Ebay – £10-15)


• Plain leather belt with simple single pronged buckle. (Surplus store, charity shop, Ebay)
• Post war Swiss army belt. (Ebay £7)
• Captured MP40 Pouches (Militaria Net, Epic Militaria – £35 a pair)
• Postwar canteen** and cover. (Schuster, Ebay – £10)
• Postwar Czech gas mask bag. (Ebay – £7)


• Captured AGM MP40 – £100


* Ideally the badge should be painted green.
** The paint has been removed to make the canteen appear more wartime.
All prices are approximate. Also try Militaria Fairs – they can contain some real bargains. Most items can be bought on Ebay easily.

Key to retailers

Shop Bulgaria:
The Ebay store that is most useful is All Sorts Militaria & Collectables. Recommended for the politka, greatcoat, swiss belt, M69 breeches and gas mask bag.
VladimirBestStore is also good for getting greatcoats, politkas, M69 breeches and canteens
Soviet Storeman has M43 breeches in small sizes. Also has other equipment but is overpriced and not always accurate.
Epic Militaria:
Militaria Net:
Sabre Sales:
RusMilitary (UK Based!):
Trident Military: … forms.html
Russian Arsenal:
Trapper Industries (also UK Based!):

Words and research by Lardassmonkey
Photography by Chomley-Warner