WW2 Airsoft – UK
The UK WW2 Airsoft web portal
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David Pratt - Discovered airsoft in 2003. Co-founded Comrades in Arms in 2006. Launched the WW2 Airsoft website in 2011. David runs a visual communications practice - spanning print, web and photographic media.

Martin Sole - A co-founder of Army Group South, a non profit organisation that runs themed WW2 airsoft events in the south of England.

Kieran Byrne - Airsofting since 2008 and ww2softing since 2009. Born in Ireland but lives and works out of Birmingham where I try to look as busy as possible that way I don't get asked any silly questions.


Fred Palmer - Played airsoft since 2009 and I started WW2 airsoft in 2010. Starting to delve deep into the world of WW2, thinking of possibly getting into Soviet re-enacting. No job yet, is on the final years of his GCSE's. (Of course studying history!)

Richard Vaughan - Discovered airsoft in 2004. Joined WWII airsoft in 2007. Enthusiast of German and Soviet militaria. Currently working as a freelance graphic designer.

Matthew Wheeler - Started airsoft in 2004, attended his first WWII airsoft weekender in April 2011. A qualified librarian,working at the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals in London.

Matthew Slater - airsofter since 2006. Currently trying to organise the UK's first Far-East WW2 airsoft skirmish. Naval Architecture (shipbuilding/engineering) student. Interested primarily in the war in the Far East and Pacific, in particular the tactics, small arms and equipment of the IJA and IJN.

Tim England. Self employed electrician. Discovered WW2 Airsoft in 2011. Enthusiast of military history of all periods but particular interest in WW2 and the German Army.

Rob Harrison - Discovered Airsoft in 2008 after collecting various militaria for a number of years and is a member of the Manx Airsoft Club in the Isle of Man, UK. He works as a butcher and is engaged to Stacey, has 2 children and is getting married next year, hopefully he can then afford come to his first CIA event!

Andy Kneale - discovered airsoft in 2004, discovered WWII airsoft and attended the CiA Arnhem event in 2007. A co-founder of Army Group South, a non-profit organisation that runs themed WW2 airsoft events in the south of England. Brought up on a staple diet of Warlord comic and Commando books in the 1970s, WWII airsoft is a dream come true!

Craig Armistead - Discovered airsoft in 2008, moving straight into WW2 airsoft. Co-organiser of the 'Doughboys' which attend airsoft and re-enactment events as, and run games focused on, U.S. Infantry. Craig also runs the annual 'Polish Series' event. Craig owns a small bookshop in rural Yorkshire.

Richard Heath - Started airsofting in 2003 and co-founded Comrades in Arms in 2006, also Co-founded Poor Bloody Infantry. Became a member of The Far Setting Sun Living History Group in 2006 and still is an active member. Is active with other re-enactment groups and is Co-organiser of the 'Doughboys'. Vice Chairman of the local miniature wargames club, "COGS". Works as a Software Engineer and somehow manages to fit in being a father of two young children.