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December 20, 2011

Zeta-Lab’s Gas Kar98k

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Zeta-Lab have shown pictures on their blog of their gas rifle, to be supplied mid-April 2012 for the remarkable cost of just 160USD. It features a VSR-10 hop-up bucking, VSR-10 inner barrel, and a high flow nozzle with adjustable air flow, the magazine charging in 10 seconds and loads with 36 rounds. The woodwork appears to be just that, not plastic. For additional cost it looks like they intend to supply an accurate replica of the ZF39 scope.
Zeta-Lab Kar98k
Zeta-Lab Kar98k
Zeta-Lab Kar98k
(scope photo from the Zeta-Lab blog looks like an original scope, not their replica)


Source: Zeta-Lab’s blog http://koko13121.militaryblog.jp/