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October 17, 2011

Sevastopol – 4th February 2012

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Sevastopol, 1942
An AGS Game held at UCAP Sandpit
on Saturday 4th February 2012

Price: £45


Swanscombe Park Quarry
Roman Road



Without the necessary air and armour support, General Erich von Manstein’s attempt to quickly capture the Soviet naval base of Sevastopol has faltered. This Black Sea port is one of the strongest fortifications in the world, defended by three Naval Infantry Brigades and seven Red Army Rifle Divisions. As Manstein’s 11th Army waits for necessary reinforcements, the Russians take the opportunity to place extensive minefields, MG nests and barbed wire entanglements around the many concrete and timber fortifications that protect the port. Manstein knows that to take Sevastopol, the German military doctrine of bypassing strong points can’t be followed. His two outnumbered and overstretched Armeekorps must resort to set-piece frontal assaults to attain their objectives.


Full information on the game, uniform requirements, overnight facilities and booking can be found on the forum: Sevastopol event information



The Race to Messina

The Race to Messina – June 7/8 2014

This is a Full weekend event, with camping available on Friday and Saturday night. Start will be Midday on Saturday until late, followed by a lovely social, then Sunday morning until early afternoon. We will be out in the field...
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hut 9

Hut 9 – 2/3 August 2014

This is Comrades in Arms' third WW2 event based on events here in the UK and is is based on the historic "Welsh Great Escape" in which 70 German prisoners escaped via a tunnel from Hut 9 in a POW camp in Bridgend, South Wales, ...
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Mission Albany

Mission Albany – 23/25 May 2014

A Pathfinder Airsoft game: Mission Albany Location: Ceri Forest/ Coed Cwmgolog, Ceri, Newtown, Powys SY16 There will be camping and a social on Friday evening. Cost: £35 per player Uniforms restrictions We ask all participants...
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Operation Copenhagen

Operation Copenhagen – 20th September 2014

Early in the Phoney War allied military involvement in Finland was being considered. nThe primary purpose of this Joint Allied venture was morale and propaganda. They controlled a unit of soldiers drawn from all allied units. B...
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The Fall of Avellino

The Fall of Avellino – 30th August 2014

After been held up by German forces “On the road to Avellino” the allied forces just managed to break through during “Rise of the Tenth”. Now they have the area of Avellino surrounded and are closing in, on the northern...
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Battle for Spilamberto – 12th April 2014

April 12th 1945 - Allied forces are advancing towards Bologna. Reports are coming in of a small German Zug holed up in Spilamberto, who are starting to fortify and booby-trap the area. To keep the advance flowing 2 Squads from ...
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