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June 12, 2011

British: Airborne basic impression

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Written by: Yith

Basis of impression

Cheap as chips British Airborne impression – by mixing post-war items with original items plus bits found in army surplus stores an excellent look can be out together. The entire impression will be well under £100 plus the cost of your weapon.
Note: substitute a green beret or cap comforter for a ‘commando’ impression rather than airborne.

To see more detail or view the whole picture use the control panel to zoom in, zoom out, pan or restore default setting


• Royal Armoured Corps helmet & net £25 SS
• any Maroon Beret £10 surplus store


• Belgian Denison £25 S&S, surplus store
• Green or brown trousers surplus store


• Any black boots. Low or narrow ankle preferred to allow gaiters to fit surplus store
• Gaiters or Putees S&S, SS, surplus store


• Original 37 pattern – belt, 2x ammo pouches, total cost £15 SS


• Tokyo Marui or ACM Thompson M1A1 £100-£200

Key to retailers

S&S http://www.shootnscoot.co.uk/
SS http://www.sabresales.co.uk/