British 52nd Lowland Division - Winter 44

Basis of impression

The 52nd Lowland Division was primarily a Scots based formation trained for mountain and arctic warfare. The division were one of the first to receive the new windproof combat suits and other specialist mountain kit before it became general issue.

Ironically the 52nd Lowland never fought in the their intended role and instead were instrumental in fighting through the predominantly flat territories of the Scheldt Estuary of Belgium and the Netherlands.

Notable units of the 52nd include The King’s Own Scottish Borderers, The Highland Light Infantry and The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles).


• MkII Tommy Helmet & net: SoF, SS, WPG – £40
• Helmet net: SS – £5
• First field dressing: SS – £5
• Helmet scrim cut from old sandbag
• Anti-gas eyeshields: SS – £2


• Windproof camouflage suit: Ebay, Panzerfaust1943 – £75
• 37 pattern battledress is worn underneath the windproof suit but is not really necessary


• Ammo Boots: SoF, WPG (reproduction), SS (pictured) – £50
• Black leather boot laces (4ft long): SoF, WPG, CES – £2.50


All 37 Pattern with brass fittings: SS, SoF, WPG, S&S
• belt – £15
• 2x universal pouches (brass popper fitting) – £8 each
• 2x webbing braces – £3 each
• 2x L-Straps (left and right) – £3 each
• bayonet frog – £5
• entrenching tool (cover + haft + blade) – £20
• water bottle and skeleton cradle – £10
• All the above are coated with KG3 Blanco: S&S, SJ – £10 per block (this is getting very rare though)


• No4 Spring airsoft rifle: S&S – £470
• No4 Bayonet: SoF – £5
• No4 Sling: SS, SoF – £5


• Late war respirator case and respirator – £20


All prices are approximate. Also try Militaria Fairs – they can contain some real bargains. Many of the items pictured were bought at Militaria fairs. Where no retailer is mentioned in the list above its best to try buy at a fair.

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Text by Yith
Photography by Chomley-Warner