ARES statement: “Welcome Zeta Lab to become a part of ARES Airsoft company. This is a great opportunity that ARES will gain more knowledge on special feature which Zeta Lab could bring to us, and product range will be extended under ARES’s ownership. In the new year of 2011, we decided to make some changes in our market strategy. This announcement is to confirm that FGI Ltd owner of ARES airsoft will stay committed to answer our clients’ needs as we will continue to provide the same high quality products and service on which we have built our reputation. FGI assure you that this internal change will in no way affect our company policies or manner of conducting business. Please let us take this opportunity to thank you again for being one of our most valued clients, and we hope that we will have the privilege to continue to serve you in the future. Thank you for your support of ARES airsoft. It is through outstanding customers like you, that we are able to develop a strong business and continue to bring innovative products to the market.”

Already the Mosin Nagent carbine and sniper rifles has been rebranded as ARES “Classic Line”. With the M1A1 Grease Gun and PPSh-41 it is hoped the ‘Classic’ line will be extended further.