Hi guys, well after a year of changeover from blank fire to airsoft events and a hell of a lot of testing and development we are ready to put on our first WW2 airsoft event.

The scenario is loosely based on events in and around the Bastogne/Foy forest regions in the Ardennes.
We will be running this as fluidly as we would a blankfire event – so apart from your section commanders briefing do not expect to see yellow jacketed marshals. Once we go in field it will be done as in real life.

The site boasts 75 acre of forest area including a very large bunker and trench complex, wetland delta/river areas and large indigineous plantation as well as pine. We have a permanent military tented safezone/admin area with accommodation, mess area,briefing areas, first aid points, charging area and range. Gross Deutschland filmed their promo video here in the snow rather than go to the ukraine!!

The site is located in Spanby,Lincs which is 3 miles from the A17/A52 and 15 minutes from the main A1 at Grantham.
The site is Fully insured and we are in the process of obtaining UKARA site membership so that attendees can gain UKARA membership.

Site will open for set up on the Friday from 16:00
Ex will start sharp at 0900 on the Sat
Ex will end approx 13:30 on the Sun.

Unit requirements: As with the real Ardennes offensive we would expect to see German Infantry, SS and FJ on the axis side. US infantry and airborne on the allied side we also can include a British contingent as all units have different areas of their lines to be billeted in and hold over the whole site.
Kit must look scruffy and dirty and try and look as though you have just spent the last 6 weeks in a freezing foxhole.

Units will be assigned to their areas and can dig in as necessary this is where you will stay for the remainder of the event.There will be front lines and rear lines incorporating field hospitals which will tie in to the event medic rules.

Medic/ regen rules. If you are hit on a contact you can be regened by a medic after 30 secs, if no medic is with you you must be carried to a rearline field hospital where you will wait 5 mins and re-enter the combat area. If you are hit and a medic or comrades cannot get to you after 5 mins you will deem to be KIA where you will have to go to your units secondary fallback position or rear HQ for re-assignment.

We have tented accommodation and field toilets – NO SHOVELS REQUIRED!!!! However you need to bring a roll mat or camp bed + sleeping bag. If you want to do traditional we have room for pups and zelts!!! This site is forest do not expect portaloos and running water – we have a fully supplied base camp with tented accommodation and toilets, mess area and yes campfire/bar!!!! Hardcore yes, soft core yes – each to their own in 8 + years of live fire everyone has got what they want out of it.

We are looking for realism here not just a skirmish. For this event you will live in the field and follow orders as if you were those troops.
FPS rules are the usual for most sites in UK, however most ww2 airsoft RIFs are within limits and we expect fairplay.
Mag rules are lenient – yes to hi and mid caps as at some point you WILL have to rely on a resupply – it’s tactics, atmosphere that we are wanting here – not a blat fest but it doesn’t matter how many mags you have or capacity but how good you and your section are!!!!!!!!
Head gear is optional I will not insist on helmets e.g. m43 German caps fine – do not moan tho when you get hit in the head and it stings!!!!!!!!
Players hit and going to their rear lines must raise their arms when walking out of the contact zone to avoid further pain!!!!!!!

Cost of event is 30 GBP for the whole weekend. This must be paid in full before 1st Oct 2012 and will only be refunded due to event cancellation.

Players between the ages of 15-18 are welcome – however you must have parental consent and be equally responsible in your conduct on site. All our staff are fully CRB certified and first aid trained most are current or ex military and have a vast amount of experience in live and airsoft weaponry and running tactical exercises.
Above all you are invited to have a good time – enjoy the experience and the camraderie that we have seen at so many events previously.
Any queries or to check out the photos of our previous WW2 events please contact me here, by email kazandchris05@gmail.com or on the HOMELAND TACTICAL AIRSOFT page on facebook.

Full deatils and booking info on the forum: http://www.ww2airsoft.org.uk/php/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=222