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January 25, 2014

Battle for Spilamberto – 12th April 2014

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April 12th 1945

Allied forces are advancing towards Bologna. Reports are coming in of a small German Zug holed up in Spilamberto, who are starting to fortify and booby-trap the area.
To keep the advance flowing 2 Squads from the 109th engineers are sent ahead to overcome the Germans and make the area safe.
The Intel was wrong. Expecting only light resistance the Americans found out there was 2 full zugs dug in and had heavily booby trapped the area and were not prepared to give way.
With no support close by and limited ammo the Americans advanced towards Spilamberto.

This is a small game run at Fireball Squadron Birmingham and will be a max of 2 squads/zugs
100 ammo limit per life
£20.00 for the day no lunch – all spots must be pre-booked and paid for in advance

Our rules for uniform and weapons are quite simple:
German – Any standard WW2 German uniform – Heer , SS, FJ etc
Allied – Any Standard US , Brit / Commonwealth uniform
Weapons – Any WW2 weapons can be used and we also allow wooden stocked M14. WW2 pistols are allowed to be carried but ammo comes out of you limits.

Sunday 12th April 2014
Fireball Squadron
Trickley Coppice
London Road
Bassetts Pole
Nr Sutton Coldfield
B75 5SA
Google map

Events details
We can get on the Fireball site from 8am (we are normally in maccies from about 7.45) but the gates shut about 9.15 at National Paintball Fields, which we have to drive through to get to Fireball so you have to be on site for then. This also means we can not get off site till 16.30 pm, except in emergency

Briefing at 09.30 for a 10.00 start.

The game will be split into 2 halves with a lunch break.
We will have bbs, pyros and gas etc for sale

2 bandages per player.
Each squad will also have a medic, that will carry a limited supply of red bandages that can replace one white bandage (so you may be able to have 2 white and 1 red bandage on you).
There is limited ammo, a morning game with objectives, short lunch break then back out for the afternoon game.

Full information can be found on the forum: www.ww2airsoft.org.uk

> Easy access from the motorway network M42 Junction 9, follow the A446 past The Belfry to the Bassetts Pole roundabout.
> We are approximately a 10min drive from Lichfield and Sutton Coldfield, and 20min from Birmingham City centre.
> FREE Parking is available on site.



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