[box_dark]Elements of Kampfgruppe Peiper having been held up at Lanzerath are heading towards the Bridge at Stavelot over the Ambleve River.
The Mixed US forces are desperately trying to hold up this attack in the hope that the weather clears and air support can be deployed.[/box_dark]

Sunday December 14th 2014. 70th Anniversary of the Ardennes Offensive, ‘Battle of the Bulge’ at Close Action airsoft, Grafton Underwood, near Kettering, Northants.
This is an exciting opportunity to re-fight this action 70 years later. Close Action is on a ww2 USAAF air base, a heavily wooded site with ruins and features.
For directions see http://www.close-action.co.uk. This is our 10th year of organising airsoft games and hope you can come along for our WW2 event.

Players can opt for the following units:
German: 1st and 12th SS Pz Division Grenadier regts. 227th Volksgrenadier regt and 9th Falshirmjager regt.
United States: 526th Armored Infantry Battalion.

This will be a mil sim type event with ammo limits to 600 rounds per man with AEG’s, 200 for snipers and 3000 for support weapons.
Re plen will be available from the designated support area.
FPS limits are 370fps for AEG’s, 500 for bolt action rifles and 400 for support guns. (BAR, MG42 etc)

The site will be open from 0730 hrs and play starts at 0930 following briefing. The game ends at 1600hrs with no lunch break.

The cost for the game is £21 and is required prior to arriving at the event.

Full information and booking: