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April 24, 2013

Chambois – 15/16th June 2013

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Chambois 15/16th June 2013

Chambois – 15th/16th June 2013
A Wladek game to be held at GMA Tuddenham

August. 1944. The German 7th Army finds itself in a critical position. With General Patton swinging to their south, racing past their positions, a renewed push by the Canadian Army from the north threatens to cut of the entire army, spelling certain destruction.

Von Kluge fails to answer the Führer’s demands for an immediate attack, and on the 17th August is replaced with Model. Model wastes no time in refusing Hitlers order and ordering an immediate, and speedy, retreat. The writing is on the wall, if 7th army does not get our now, it never will.

Having captured Champeaux, on 19 August, the Polish battlegroups converge on Chambois and, reinforced by the Canadian 4th Armoured, they must link up with the U.S. 90th Infantry, and French 2nd Armoured, Division aproaching from the south.
The arms of the encirclement are almost complete but the Allies are not yet astride Seventh Army’s escape route in any great strength. And even when they have linked up, will they posses the strength to even slow down what will now be a very desperate German Army?

Our game takes place in France 1944 and features one of the few battle where British and American uniforms were worn side by side in close proximity. The battle features the Canadians, Polish, American and French. The only European uniforms not present are those of the associated airborne arms. Arayed against them are German soldiers form all arms, as 7th Army tries to break through the encirclement.

Cost: £35

The game will run from lunchtime Saturday to lunchtime Sunday, with a fun darkness’ mission (basically the same as the ‘Mace’ – but with more than 3 people at it. )

More information and further updates can be found on the forum, which includes details on how to book.
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