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January 20, 2014

Foy – 21st/23rd March 2014

FilmSim events proudly presents…
Battle of the Bulge
The Ardennes pt1 – Foy
21st-23rd March 2014
Gunman Eversley
£65 with £30 deposit via paypal sales@gunmanairsoft.co.uk

19 December 1944
On the 19 December 1944 a surprise attack from the Germans hit the Allied lines in and around the Ardennes forest, leaving a huge Bulge and Allied troops cut off and surrounded.

22 December 1944
Our story follows the possible and plausible contact on a US and British combined force on a ridge looking down on the Meuse River bridge near Foy The Allies have set up defensible positions along the ridge and are awaiting Montgomery’s hastily assembled force to get organised and re-enforce the line. The allied troops on the ground have few supplies but are dug in and ready.

Also, unknown to the allied defenders, a German Operation to send English speaking German soldiers across the line has also began and this could cause catastrophic confusion behind and on the lines.

Event details
This Scenario will feature dug in troops and espionage, but be mostly an open battle, with elements from both the US and British allowed on the Allied side and a mixture of German units and uniforms on the Axis.

Bookin can be made via the WW2 Airsoft fourm here: https://www.ww2airsoft.org.uk/php/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=249 where all rules can be found as well questions and answers.


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