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January 19, 2012

ICS Garand update

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ICS GarandICS have talked about their proposed Garand for a year or more now and rumours have been rife but now we are edging closer to a release. Previously the closest we have got to actuality is a posted a photo from a Greek airsoft shop’s visit to the ICS factory showing a M1 Garand prototype.

ICS M1 GarandHowever, the ICS website is now showing a ‘coming soon’ banner. This is backed up by a showcased model prototype M1 Garand on ICS’s stand at the Shot Show 2012 (held in Las Vegas, Jan 17-20 2012). The representative said it would be available in five or six months, would have a real wood stock, is an AEG and takes 8 rounds of 8mm BBs.

The gun isn’t reloaded using an enblock but appears to have a bottom loading magazine, no details are yet available on how it operates but someone who has talked to them face to face has said they haven’t figured out what sort of loading system to employ. Unfortunately the reporter in the video below neglected to ask the questions WW2 airsofters are asking!

All of this seems to indicate that much technicality still has to be developed. Whether this will end up as an electric version of the Marushin 8mm or an adaption of the 6mm Marui M14 system is unclear. What is clear is that airsofters are appalled that 8mm appears to be the chosen calibre and not 6mm, universally adopted for skirmishable airsoft guns. ICS’s Facebook page is being lobbied heavily by the pro-6mm potential purchasers – it will be interesting to see if the manufacturers are listening to their market!

Also seen on this video (skip to 3:08)

The model prototype out of the showcase:

And for comparison, the real thing:
M1 Garand



A new video that relates the ICS Garand will be based on an M14 gearbox, semi-auto only and will be offered in both imitation and real wood stock versions: