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December 19, 2012

Kölner Dom – 17th February 2013

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Kölner Dom - The battle for Cologne Cathedral

Kölner Dom – The battle for Cologne Cathedral

A Legion of the Damned Game held at Gunman NW Urban, Manchester
on Sunday 17th February 2013

Price: £25. No refunds but places can be sold-on, providing it’s the same side.

March 1945. A U.S Armoured Group destroy a German Panther outside Cologne Cathedral.
Afterwards, sporadic sniper fire is received from the lower areas and cellars of the Cathedral.
A Small U.S Assault Force of Volunteers is sent into the cellars of the Cathedral.
The Battle for Kölner Dom begins.

15 Players per side

This is planned as an inclusive game, so kit levels are more generic

Any U.S. WW2 uniform is suitable.
Any German WW2 uniform is suitable
Any WW2 weapon is fine

Ammo limits of 300 rounds per life, reload at regen or ammo crate
Fps 350 maximum, chrono checks will be carried out as the site is cqb
Booking thread and further information can be found on the forum here: WW2 Airsoft forum


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