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April 24, 2013

Luga River Line – 13/14th September 2013

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Luga River Line

Luga River Line
13/14th September 2013

Cost of event – £35
This game is to be held at RIFT airsoft’s “Coms 3” site just outside Chipping Warden, Oxfordshire OX17 1LZ

Pioneer Battalion of the 269th Infantry Division, 41st Panzer Corp.
This is a Heer only battle, so no SS or FJ I’m afraid. Any fieldgrey uniform acceptable including SS but please make an effort to cover any SS insignia (e.g. scarf over the colllar, rank schevron or bandage over the arm eagle). If you have pioneer equipment and insignia then this is the chance to use it! However it is not a requirement and standard infantry equipment & inisignia is fine.
Splinter A smocks and helmet covers are allowed but please keep camouflage to a minimum where possible. No sumpfmuster, LW or SS camo. No M43 caps. Helmets are prefered; any non FJ model is fine.

527th Rifle Regiment, 118th Rifle division, Kingisepp Defence Sector, LOG.
The Soviet Obr35 uniform is the preferred choice but the Obr43 is acceptable. Subdued or full colour infantry insignia is fine as it is 1941. This is a Summer battle so no padded uniforms or Ushankas in game please (fine for evening wear). Greatcoats are fine however should you choose to wear one in September! Helmets are preferred but pilotkas are ok. No camouflage uniforms.

Rifles are encouraged so any wood stocked rifle is perfectly fine. Any Soviet or German weapon excluding the Mp44 are allowed. Allied SMGs acceptable if you have no other option.

Summer 1941 and Army Group North drives relentlessly through the Russian countryside towards Leningrad. By the 13th of July the lead elements of the 41st Panzer Corp sit only 110km from the great city and are preparing for the final drive towards its capture.

Standing in their path is a series of four fortified lines hastily thrown up since the invasion began the previous month. The first and most significant of these runs from the coast at Narva to Lake Ilmen near Novgorod. Anchored upon the river Luga it becomes known as the Luga River Line and is manned by a scratch force of army, militia and training school units known as the Luga Operational Group (LOG).

In anticipation of the German attack Soviet high command (Stavka) orders an immediate counterattack against the 56th Panzer Corp to the south the following day. This attack, known as the Sol’tsy-Dno Offensive Operation, causes disarray and nearly succeeds in encircling the German Corp. Reinforcements have to be rushed from other sectors to contain the threat before the offensive is finally beaten back with heavy losses.

Exhausted and over stretched by the Soviet resistance Army Group North then pauses to reorganise before resuming offensive operations. It is August the 8th before it is once again ready to move against Leningrad. The Luga River line is stuck in force all along its length but the main threat to the Soviet defences is at Kingisepp at the North of the line. Here the 41st Panzer Corps has already established a bridgehead over the river and is ready to renew its assault….

Further information and booking details can be found on the forum here