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April 26, 2012

Operation Chariot – 14th July 2012 – EVENT CANCELLED

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Written by: admin

The Raid on St. Nazaire
An AGS Game held at UCAP Sandpit
on Saturday 14th July 2012

UPDATE: With regret, this event has been cancelled due to low booking numbers

Price: £45


Swanscombe Park Quarry
Roman Road



March 28th 1942. 01:34

HMS Campbeltown rams the southern gates of the Normandie dry dock. The soldiers of the German garrison scramble from their berths and rush to battle stations. Meanwhile, the men of No. 2 Commando and the Special Service Brigade form up into their assigned teams to locate their objectives. Following them are the demolitions teams- engineers heavily laden with explosives and armed only with pistols. They must rely on their assigned protection teams as they work on setting charges to destroy key infrastructure.

As the alarm sirens wail and the night sky is pierced by tracer and searchlight, the 22 Naval Flak Brigade, the Harbour Defence Companies and Wehrmacht troops of the nearby 333rd Infanterie Division are ordered to neutralize this group of British insurgents who now have no way home.


In line with previous AGS events each side will be tasked with primary and secondary objectives, some of which will only be revealed on the day. Unlike the set-piece battles of our previous games, Operation Chariot will leave most of the tactical decisions to squad leaders. Player NCOs will need to be innovative and their squads must be aggressive and resilient.

As usual, we insist that you operate within your designated squads and follow orders. There is no place for freestylers or lone wolves.

Booking details and uniform requirements will be posted on the forum: Operation Chariot event information