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July 11, 2011

Rhineland, the battle to end the war – 3rd September 2011

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Operation Veritable
By 18th February 1945 the British 2nd Army was firmly on German soil. It had had fought its way through the Reichswald forest and was facing the town of Goch. Colonel Matussek, the local German commandant, had already declared the town a Festung (fortress) and had made extensive preparations for defending it. This included the construction of a formidable anti-tank ditch and the removal of buildings and foliage that an enemy could use for cover and concealment. The Tommies would have to fight through open fields and bridge the anti-tank defences in order to allow Allied armour to get through this part of the Siegfried line.

Our event sees a platoon of British infantry tasked with neutralizing the German defences surrounding the town and bridging their anti-tank ditch. To do this they will have to overcome minefields and a line of resistance that includes multiple MG emplacements with interlocking fields of fire.

The German defenders are a mixed bunch, ranging from crack paratroopers of FJR 2 to the newly formed Volkssturm civil defence units. For every battle hardened Grenadier there is a Landser from the the 276 “Magen” Bataillon, a reserve unit made up soldiers with chronic digestive ailments.

The airsoft game will be part of a wider 1940s weekend event being run by Ford Ranges that will include steam engines, hogroast and a beer tent.

Playing sides: British 51st Highland Division vs. German 84. Infanterie Division
Date: Saturday 3 September 2011
Venue: Ford Ranges, Yapton, West Sussex
Price: £35

Booking and further information on the WW2 Airsoft forum www.ww2airsoft.org.uk/php/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=173