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November 22, 2012

The Battle for Crete – 11th May 2013

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The Battle for Crete
An AGS Game held at UCAP Sandpit
on Saturday 11th May 2013

Price: £40 if paid before 1st March, £45 if paid after. No refunds but places can be sold-on, providing it’s the same side.


Swanscombe Park Quarry
Roman Road



On the 25th April 1941, Hitler authorises Führer Directive no.28; the invasion of Crete. It will be the first large-scale airborne invasion in military history.
Defending one of the many airfields coveted by the Germans, British troops watch the sky as a wave of aircraft drop enemy parachutists into the fields surrounding them. Thanks to recent Ultra intercepts, the attack comes as no surprise to the garrison commander. The Germans are fewer than expected and spread over a wide area. Just two miles away, arriving in a flotilla of small boats, are a crack force of Gebirgsjäger light infantry. The British must move quickly to hunt down and neutralize the invaders before the enemy can combine and launch an all-out assault. However with speed comes danger, as every ditch, every hedge and every olive grove could hide an enemy paratrooper. To make matters worse, the Germans have littered the area with mines and booby traps.
The Gebirgsjäger force is tasked with capturing a key communications post, critical to the British defence. They must also divert the allies in order to give the paratroopers enough time to re-group. The Fallschirmjäger have even more on their plate – in order to become a fighting unit, they must avoid the enemy completely and race to locate their weapons canister before the British do. They then need to muster an attacking force large enough to tackle their objectives and seize the airfield.


Full information on the game, uniform and weapon requirements, overnight facilities and booking can be found on the forum: The Battle for Crete event information
The Battle for Crete
The Battle for Crete