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April 26, 2012

The Corridor of Death – 26th May 2012

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Closing the Gap – Battle for Argetan 18-20 August 1944
“The Corridor of Death”

When: Saturday 26th May 2012
Where: Elite Action Games Worthing. http://www.eliteactiongames.com/worthin … directions
How Much: £20 including one of Jimbos famous lunchtime burgers.


A what if Scenario. Chaos is all around with the 7th German Army trying to escape the clutches of the invading Allied armies. With the US / British Army boundary just beyond Argentan, the point where the `Gap will be closed`, a rear guard blocking force is being set up by the remnants of the exhausted German Army. Wehrmacht, Fallschirmjager and SS troops have been thrown together to buy time for the main force to retreat, to fight another day. Will the gap be closed or will the beaten but still coherently organized German Army escape to fight another day?

German: Any troops LW Fallschirmjager Heer or SS (If someone wants to come as a Blitzmadel` then feel free all sorts of troops would have been trying to force their way out and would have been piecemeal units)
Allied: As this was the junction between the Allied armies any troops can take part: US infantry,Airborne, British infantry, including Airborne and French Infantry (They were present in and around Avenelles apparently) or French Resistance `OoooLalaaaa`

Uniforms requirements: inclusive rather than exclusive. (No modern kit. Please keep to WW2 equipment if you need to borrow some kit please ask we may be able to lend kit out)

More information and booking details can be found on the forum: The Corridor of Death – 26th May 2012