[box_dark]June 6th Omaha Beach 1000hrs.

After days of delays and hours of waiting, General Eisenhower’s invasion of Europe has begun. Our story follows a fictional landing made up of both US and UK forces. After battling off the beach and across the sand dunes, the combined forces must work together to remover the German defences and seize their targets, ready for re-enforcements to land. This landing is made up of US and British Infantry units who have trained for months for this chance to free Europe and are ready for the fight.

The enemy is a made up Landser regiment, however elements of elite Panzer and SS Regiments who have fought in Russia, Africa and Europe and the dogged Fallchirmjager are waiting in hidden pockets along the line. In the background, Rommel is waiting to and the eyes of the Reich are on them! There is no room for error, the whole war depends on the outcome.[/box_dark]

What to expect.
This is a full battle weekend with command structure via an OC (overall commander) and their COs (commanding officer) in the field. Field pack radios will be issued to each platoon sizes group 8-16 and we will use tactical maps to mover the troops around the site. We have had 7 years since the last beach landing and we know what were doing. There will be key objectives to take, hold and/or destroy over the weekend as well as visits from High Profile offices in the field. We will be using the FULL WW2 FilmSim rules, so please make sure you know what’s expected of you before you book on.

The site has toilets, showers and a main building for social gathering. There will be free uniform hire and period gun rental available for £30 for the weekend. We will also provide a FULL airsoft shop on site too.

To be held at Candleston, South Wales.
November 21-23 2014
£85 with a £45 deposit via PayPal
£100 on the gate!

Full information and booking here: http://www.ww2airsoft.org.uk/php/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=266