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[Sticky] Welcome to the Tommy Pub

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Who are The Tommy Pub?

We are a WW2 Airsoft group portraying British infantry. Our aim is to achieve an immersive gaming environment for ourselves by developing section tactics and getting into the mindset of the plucky Tommy, and fostering the camaraderie of a unit who regularly fight together.

How do I join?
The Tommy Pub is open to anyone who can do a British impression, attends events and is prepared to:
1.Play as part of a team
2.Get into the mindset of a British soldier
3.Follow the section leaders orders, or give them if section leader for that event.
4.Follow the number one rule of WW2 Airsoft. Don't be a cock!

Uniform Requirements
We are not stitch counters but would like everyone to make the best effort with their kit as time and money allow. Do not be put off if your kit is not perfect, no one will criticize, only encourage.
The type of impression we do at any event will depend on the event requirements and will discussed on this board by members before hand so that we can achieve a unit look rather than a shambolic collection of different impressions.

There is loads of guidance on British kit in the relevant forum section, but essential basic kit is:

Mark II helmet
Basic webbing (anklets, belt, universal pouches, cross straps).

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