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ARES Classic line up

ARES have released a new illustration of their "Classic" WW2 guns line up...
by admin


MP40 AK hop mod

This is how I do the AK hop mod and this is a guide to show you how it’s done. Please read the whole guide before picking up a single tool or buying parts. If you don’t feel confident doing the mod then by all means...
by kalashnikov_kid


New M1 Garand teaser

RedWolf Airsoft are currently teasing on Facebook. “Guess what brand. Will tell you the answer tomorrow.” they say! www.facebook.com www.redwolfairsoft.come Update: Yith on the WW2 Airsoft UK forum spots that it car...
by admin



Marushin M1 Carbine – CO2

Spotted by greedo1980 is Marushin’s new CDX Series straight mag’d 6mm M1 Carbine. It uses a “environmentally friendly and economical” CO2 cartridge system said to give stable cold temperature operation a...
by admin


German Helmets

Nothing says “Deutsche Soldat” quite like a good ol’ Stahlhelm. They keep the rain off, they stop you banging your noggin on tree branches and they make a good “ping” sound when a bb hits them. Helmets are expensive. ...
by BedsnHerts


Thompson 1928 wood kit from Shoot and Scoot

Just announced – from Shoot and Scoot – is a new hand made hardwood three piece kit to fit onto your 1928 Thompson, priced at £125. Shipping time given as up to 10 days from ordering. www.shootnscoot.co.uk/1928a1-w...
by admin


Heer ranks

Ranks of the Heer

For the WW2 airsofter who wants to put together a German impression the temptation to make yourself anything other than a private soldier is often too hard to resist. Although there are obviously no rules on which ranks you can...
by BedsnHerts


ARES and Zeta-Lab join forces

ARES statement: “Welcome Zeta Lab to become a part of ARES Airsoft company. This is a great opportunity that ARES will gain more knowledge on special feature which Zeta Lab could bring to us, and product range will be ext...
by admin


Zeta-Labs Bren teaser

Hong Kong based Airsoft Panda have released an ambiguous teaser for the full steel and real wood Zeta-Lab Czech ZB-26 or British LMG, or possibly both. Details, such as they are: • Manufacturer: Zeta-Lab Product • Full Stee...
by admin