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[Sticky] Joining instructions - ALL THOSE ATTENDING PLEASE READ!

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You can arrive on site any time after 1800hrs on Saturday, May 1st. (Please don't arrive sooner, as we'll be preparing the site). The gates will be locked at 2200hrs. If arriving on sunday, you will need to be outside the gate by 0645hrs, ready to be met by an organiser. (There is a small area, off the road, outside the gates where you can wait safely). Once on the car park, you will have a short amount of time to kit up. We do recommend arriving on saturday, for your convenience and, to enjoy the social!

On arrival, please wait on the car park until greeted by a member of the CiA team.

This event includes the usual CiA "Social", which will be held in the safezone.

For camping, you can pitch a tent, build a basha, or just sleep inside one of the covered safezone bays. Camp beds or airbeds are recommended.

PLEASE bring a binbag for your rubbish/empties. We must leave the site as we find it.

The event itself is an early, 0600hrs start. If you're the type who struggles to get out of bed in the morning, bring an alarm clock!

Weapons wise, we recommend an smg. Any WW2 type is fine. If you have a pistol, please bring that as well. There won't be a huge amount of "trigger time" but, you never know when you may need the extra firepower of an smg.

To state the bleeding obvious, please don't forget your safety glasses, bb ammo, batteries/gas, etc, as well.

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