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[Sticky] Training programme/Timings. - UPDATED.

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As usual, there will be a bit of theory, some demonstration, followed by getting stuck in yourselves. This is a very broad outline of the core elements of what will be covered, using WW2 practices wherever possible. You'll notice, we're not going over "old ground" here and trying to do something more focussed and specific to the Jedburgh event itself, so, no drill, or other poncing about. We're going for bite sized sessions on the combat survival stuff and devoting much more time to combat techniques, to keep it relevant to airsoft.

We aim to begin at 0600hrs on the day, as there is a lot to cover. To facilitate this early start, overnight camping on the saturday is allowed. Everyone who attends will get a "free gift", which they will find useful for the main Jedburgh event as well.

Combat techniques (the bulk of the day).
Pistol shooting ("point" shooting).
Close target recce.
Contact drills.
Jungle lane (good practice for woodland cqb).
Snap ambushes.
Anti ambush drills.
Fire control.
Breaking contact.

Kit considerations.
Packing a bergen/"What to have in your pockets"/Rattle and shine discipline/Belt kit, etc.

Shelter building.
Poncho type/Improvised/Hasty hides.

Routine in harbor area.
Occupying a harbour/Track plans/Sentries/Noise & light discipline/"Leave no trace".

Care of feet/keeping warm/Positive attitude.

Night/silent movement.
Formations/Silent movement/"Actions on"/How we see at night.

Basic navigation.
Taking a bearing/Marching on a bearing/Pacing/Grid references.

Basic Signalling.
Callsigns/Security/Codewords/Voice procedure/Contact/sighting reports and sitreps.

There will be a mini "exercise" at the end to make use of the skills you've learned through the day. We're aiming for a 1700hrs finish.

This is NOT going to be run like SAS selection or anything like that. There'll be no "beasting" nor ego massaging. All we ask is that you're honest with yourself at the end of it, as you'll learn a bit about yourself along the way.

Any questions or any requests for specific training? Please post them on the "Q&A" thread. :good:

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