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[Sticky] Soviet after action Report

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What a fantastic showing by you all! After letdowns with kit, people came up trumps with helping their fellow players and you all looked fantastic. It was also great to see members of 2nd Guards reenactment group among us, getting stuck in.

From a commanders point of view, myself and Headshot could not have asked for more. You all followed your orders to the letter, so there was no need for on the spot justice. Your bravery in the face of massive firepower was incredible. Time and time again, you charged into the teeth of withering fire to the sound of a whistle, an "URAAH!" and surrounded by the dead and dying. Your courage carried the day and your sacrifices were not in vain. We penetrated the complex after taking massive casualties and, by careful probing, were able to locate a German command centre. This proved tricky to actually capture but, by sheer, ruthless determination, the objective was taken, ahead of schedule and regardless of casualties, allowing the vanguard of the division to enter behind us and secure the area.

After this, with some very well executed recce patrols, we were able to locate several German supply points, many of which were unguarded. Your constant flow of quality intelligence allowed us to formulate plans to take or hold these points as needed. During this phase of the battle, the Germans were shooting at shadows and even each other! With constant retasking of patrols, we were able to make the Germans think we were everywhere.

When the time came for the final, heroic assault, everyone "fixed bayonets" and, once again, charged into the teeth of the German guns. Unfortunately for them, we had more men than they had bullets, so they had to resort to blowing up part of the structure to hold up our advance and enable their cowardly retreat back to Berlin, the lair of the beast. Rest assured, the rubble will be cleared very quickly by captured Germans at the point of a bayonet and the road to Berlin will be open.

Well done to all.

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