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Worthing Airsoft
Arundel Rd, Clapham, Worthing BN13 3UR
07877 210898

Do not go to the postcode, that’s for the council depot behind the site.
Google are dicks, they don’t recognise airsoft, so we are a paintball center, I know right! And they won’t recognise that as a patch of woodland, we don’t have a postcode. :roll:
Access to the site is directly off the A27 in the East direction. I’ll put a couple of traffic cones by the entrance, if you miss it first time, then drive on past and there is a turn around half a mile further on and another half a mile after that, then go back up to the A280 interchange and come around again.
If you get really lost, you won’t be the first, my number is 07877210898, it’s on the website too.
I’m likely to be busy so if you don’t get through then perseverance is the key word here :happydance:

Posted : 18/09/2018 8:59 pm
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Maybe I'm just being blind but I can't seem to find any info on timings - what time can we arrive from?


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Posted : 19/09/2018 8:32 am
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We will be onsite overnight Friday and Saturday so if you’re super early Saturday the gate may be shut but not locked. I’ll go and open it around 7 ish.

Posted : 19/09/2018 4:33 pm