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This event will be a (nearly) rifles only event.
There will be one MG allowed per side, 1000 rounds limit.
There will be one SMG allowed (for the officer) 200 rounds limit
Everyone else will be bolt action rifles only, no limit on ammo.
All weapons are to be sub 350 fps measured with 0.2 B.B. all weapons will go through the chrono before we go on the game area.

The rifles do not have to be ww2 era. You can happily use a plastic wood effect stock rifle using open sights. Sporting rifles did see use, should your rifle have a black or tan stock we will ask that you use scrim net or hessian to cover it.
No telescopic sights.
Although it is an early war scenario, we are not demanding everyone goes and buys the correct period kit, if you want to play Axis then feldgrau will suffice preferably with a helmet, and if British then Battledress with a tommy pot will be fine. We want to concentrate on the rifle gameplay, not the period correct kit. If you do have that bit of obscure early war kit that you can’t use because of the amount of post DDay games, then this is your chance to dust off the mothballs.

I appreciate this may go against the grain with some but we felt the squad rifles might be enough of a temptation for those wanting something different.

The 1st Armoured Division (Major-General Roger Evans) arrived in France from 15 May without artillery, short of an armoured regiment and the infantry of the 1st Support Group, which had been diverted to Calais. From 27 May – 4 June, the Franco-British forces south of the Abbeville bridgehead, held by the 2nd Panzer Division, then the 57th Infantry Division, recaptured about half of the area; the Allied forces lost many of their tanks and the Germans much of their infantry, some units running back over the River Somme. On 5 June, the divisions of the German 4th Army attacked out of the bridgeheads south of the Somme and the Franco-British divisions opposite, which had been much depleted by their counter-attacks, were pushed back to the Bresle with many casualties.

Posted : 11/02/2018 6:53 pm