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[Sticky] German rules of Engagement: Important!!!

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These rules of engagement will apply throughout the Arnhem game.

British Soldiers:
Shoot on sight.
Dutch Resistance Workers (wearing Orange Armbands):
Shoot on sight
Dutch Civilians (no armbands)
If they are not acting suspiciously or trying to enter a restricted area, etc, then leave them alone.
If they are acting suspiciously then you may ask to check papers ("Pappieren, bitte!"), and then do a non-intrusive search if still suspicious. Any problems arrest them and take them to an officer for questioning. If they resist arrest, shoot them, then take the body(!) to an officer.
Do not shoot them before asking for papers and giving them chance to comply or if they do not resist arrest. If you do then you will also count as dead and must return to regen, no medicing allowed.

Topic starter Posted : 23/03/2007 5:17 pm