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couple of rules changes

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2 rules changes from our normal rules, 1 is just for this low ammo limit game and the other is a permanent change,

LMG RULE : is still 1 per side and will be allowed 500 rounds for the morning, and will be allowed to top back up to 500 in the afternoon, there will be 1 squad mission to refill once during the day if you use your 500 rounds.

If the LMG gunner has used his ammo limit he must use his back up weapon or try to get the squad to do the refill mission.

He may never have more than 500 rounds - even if you go to do the refill mission or afternoon top up , your max ammo is 500.

Medic rule - each squad can have 1 medic , who will be issued a medic bag containing morphine sachets (yer ok they sugar really) the medic may approach a wounded player with a bandage and apply a morphine sachet over the wound , ie sprinkle the sachet of sugar over the area and then count at a steady rate to 20, if they complete a 20 count then the medic may remove a bandage off the wounded player.

If at any point during this either are hit, they are BOTH KIA.

This medic action can only be done if the medic has a morphine sachet spare, hence he does not start the 20 count till he has used 1 - Medics will start with a limited amount in the morning and afternoon , but there will be a squad mission to gain more.

If the medic wanted to remove 2 bandages he must do the action twice .

A medic may do this action on himself with a ally helping and counting to 20 , but again if either is hit during this action both are KIA

Posted : 29/03/2014 8:09 pm