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Excitement Thread......

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Yay, packed in record time! All set for an earlyish but civilised start tomorrow. I'm too old to get 'excited' by things (experience tells me that the more you anticipate the greater the anticlimax - much better to expect the worst and get a nice surprise!) but all the signs are this will be a fab weekend. Much better than work/diy/gardening blah blah - and wifelet is pleased to get me out of the house for a day!

Posted : 14/06/2013 6:59 pm

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think i have all the things i haven't forgotten.. 8-9
early ish start to go pick up an enemy player for a car share ....or maybe not :twisted:
no seriously i'd better pick him up otherwise there may not be enough target's for all of us :lol:

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Posted : 14/06/2013 7:10 pm

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Also all packed and sorted, remembered to make my sandwiches. A very civilised departure time of 8.30, looks like we will get wet but hey ho.

See you all tomorrow.


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Posted : 14/06/2013 8:57 pm

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