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[Sticky] How Not to get shot in the Face

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There is no way to not get shot in the face, non at all. Any hit could catch you in the face and though people are told not to aim for the face on purpose, and do not, there is a way you can help yourself in this regard and reduce the likely-hood of your face getting hit:

Present more of a target.

If you are at the corner of a building, and you just peek around with your face, anyone who is going to shoot you has only one target: your face. Instead try stepping around for a quick look - if you don't linger (obviously) then you are only visible for a moment, and you are presenting a leg, and a shoulder as possible targets.

Hang on, you say, that's stupid! You obviously want to present less of a target to the enemy, otherwise you are playing poorly on purpose.

Well yes, you are right, you will be purposefully breaking loads of army rules (probably), but this aint real. If you die you will be magically reborn shortly after.
In close quarter situations - like at Pavlov's - I consciously did this, and only got hit in the face once in a painless way. The same at Koler Dom. Did I die more? no, not really. I think my dying was on par with others, and never when I was looking around a corner. In fact the only 'bad' hit I got was to my thumb - and that was when I had forgotten to present more of a target, and only my hand/upper face was visible over a wall. It reminded me of my plan, and I didn't forget all day. Plus, when looking around a corner speed is better than stealth - anyone watching that corner is going to notice regardless, and a slow peed gives them more time to aim then a quick look before going back into cover.

You can disregard this entirely, it is in no way a rule, or even a suggestion, just an observation.

Most of this site is woodland and scrub-land, and the problems of being hit in the face are much less. But there are some buildings, and the associated problems may occur. So thus I share general way of dealing with this problem. I mean, who cares about being good? Much better we are fun, and I find not bleeding more fun as a general rule.

Topic starter Posted : 13/05/2013 1:02 pm

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Thats actually quite a good idea Craig. I must admit when I use to use the Tanaka even at over 30m shooting someone in the face is still going to hurt, many a time the head has been the only viable target so if they are firing at you or you think they will you really have no choice but to aim for the head and feel guilty at the cry of pain. Certainly if getting hit in the face is a concern to anyone forget military protocol.

Posted : 13/05/2013 1:43 pm

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wish id thought of this for pavlovs.

good sound advice for any player who doesnt like taking it in the coupon :slap:

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Posted : 22/05/2013 10:27 pm

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Worth a thought for CQB but not open country or woods probably.
For our next game we are using tokens and a limited number so getting hit to protect your face may not go down well as a team.

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Posted : 23/05/2013 6:35 am