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[Sticky] Weapons

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This a Rifles only game, but with support weapons.

Anyone may use any period/period looking rifle - either bolt action or semi automatic. Wood effect M14s are fine.
There is also the option to hire one of the Gunman Bolt Action Rifles, kindly offered to us by Josh, for a price of £20 for the weekend.

There is no role for SMG's in this game.

There is also the option for each force to field a support weapon. If you wish to bring a support weapon for either yourself, for other members of your team, or to share about as wanted, then just let me know and will let you know if there are any spaces tomark you down as a support gunner.

No player should have a pistol.

All automatic and Semi automatic weaponry must be firing at 350fps or lower. Semi Automatic Rifles should be used with low ammo mags - about 12 rounds at most - as otherwise they become too 'gamey' against bolt actions.

Bolt action rifles may fire up to 500 fps, but will have an engagement range of 25m, that we strictly enforce. We do recommend that if possible you make your rifle fire at under 350fps. This not only reduces the chances of accidents happening, but you will get much more out of the event. Tuddenham has a collection of buildings which a 500fps rifle is going to be of less use in, and in games with rifles only you do not need the higher powered shots to be able to compete.

Rubber/Latex bayonets are actively encouraged. Ammo will always be tight, so they might be your only resort.

It is important to note that in these games rifles are not 'snipers', their type of play is very different. There are no SMG armed comrades to lay down the fire and advance, you will have to do that with the long stick you are carrying. It makes for a very tense, fun and quite different experience to what we normally do. Rifles can be hired, and there may even be some that can be lent out from people's personal collections, so it's a great chance to see what it is like if you haven't before.

Topic starter Posted : 24/04/2013 6:33 pm