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Description - Caen Outskirts


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Caen Outskirts

Airsoft Event
28th & 29th May 2022
Rift Airsoft - The Ridge - MK45 4LG
On 18 July, VIII Corps began Operation Goodwood, an attack by three armoured divisions towards the German-held Bourguébus Ridge, along with the area between Bretteville-sur-Laize and Vimont, to force the Germans to commit their armoured reserves in costly counter-attacks. Goodwood was preceded further west by the Second Battle of the Odon, attacks by XXX Corps and XII Corps, to inflict casualties and concentrate the attention of Panzergruppe West on the east end of the bridgehead. On 18 July, I Corps conducted an advance to secure villages and the eastern flank of VIII Corps. On the western flank, II Canadian Corps conducted Operation Atlantic to capture the remaining German positions in Caen south of the Orne.
The Germans were able to stop the British advance short of Bourguébus Ridge but had been shocked by the weight of the attack and preliminary aerial bombardment. The Germans had only the resources to hold ground in great depth south of Caen. The attack reinforced the German view that the Allied threat on the eastern flank was the most dangerous and more units were transferred eastwards, including the remaining mobile elements of the 2nd Panzer Division near Caumont. By 25 July, there were 600 panzers (including all the Tiger units) opposite the Second Army and 150 facing the US First Army. The Germans had not been destroyed but the German commanders became fatalistic.
• ADVANCE – The British Company must sieze and take Bourguébus Ridge in order to inflict major casualties on German troops as they counter attack, this will be needed XXX Corps to move into Caen.
• DELAY – Kampfgruppe Mosele of the 12th XX Panzer Division must hold the Ridge line and prevent the British from breaking through.
Bookings & Cost
All German impressions (preferably SS in Dot44) will be acceptable along with all British Impressions!
Ages 13-16 must be accompanied by a participating adult.
To book on please head to the Bookings page on our website;
• Full Weekend Event, 60-80 spaces - £90. £30 deposit to secure place, full payment upon signing in at event.
• Saturday or Sunday - £45 per day. £30 deposit to secure place, full payment upon signing in at event.
• Limited Sniper Roles (4 slots per side) (Please email to confirm space as a sniper)
Rental Kits:
German Rental Kits are Available.
Included in Cost:
• Site hire
• Camp Site
• Insurance
• In Game meals provided
• Social in the evening
Ration Cards:
Ration cards are available allowing you to eat in the scoff tent.
• Ration Card 1/4 (Saturday Breakfast or evening meal) - £4.99
• Ration Card 1/2 (Saturday Breakfast and Dinner) - £9.99
• Ration Card 1 (Saturday and Sunday Breakfast and dinner) - £14.99
Covid-19 Measures:
Additional Measures have been added to the event to comply with Covid-19 Regulations:
• Hand Sanitiser at Spawn locations, HQ, and Safe Zone
• Medic Rules Adjusted (See Rules)
• Food will be prepared and served by designated crew members