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What a weekend aye?
What did you get up to while we were at the Crossroads - Caen Outskirts - Airsoft Event?
We hope you have all made it home or are still traveling safely!
A special thank you to Tony Colin Whitmarsh at RIFT Airsoft the Ridge for working with us this weekend and to Pat Patrick from for coming up and taking pictures with us! Cant wait to see them! Over 9gb of footage and 1200 photos!
Most of all, thank you to all of our players and crew from Frontline Events - WW2 Community for coming down and bringing such an amazing attitude with you! Again, as always, I have seen some of the best team work in airsoft this weekend. The level of your loadouts is getting better and better as each game goes on! The sky is the limit as a community! Well done to you all!
Without eachother we wouldnt be able to run the games or even get out of the door. This community is becoming a family and we are beginning now to look after eachother.
Please keep up the good work and great attitudes 🙂 Remember, its just a game.
We are now so excited for the Hill 152 - WW2 Airsoft in June!
See you all there!