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the curse of family + half time report

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Nuts had to come home due to ill child

september october the illest time of the year., :(

So as i sit here at the field hospital im sure you all want to know that my fellow Americans are by far the winners, they took a hell of a lot of casualties on the first day many lie groaning next to me, but our captains suceeded by throwing resorces up against the bunkered MG42s. After many attempts we finally managed to advance, only to lose it again whilst gaining more land else where. By they end of the day we had gained alot of prime real estate

It is also one of the best games i 've played recently, the american side really worked hard, and roleplayed hard and the germans were epic'lly dramatic

shouting at us and singing us songs while we were alternatly slaughtered and slaughtering. they were also spookily quiet when shot so it was really hard to tell if we were suceeding :wink:

Anyway they will be finished in 35 mins so im sure we shall find out more.

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